by Marina Lourenço-Yılmaz*


Negahamburger is a Brazilian artist whose work focuses on denouncing oppression and violence against women, especially in relation to beauty standards. Through her drawings, she exposes and condemns feminine beauty ideals which, through their replication in mass media and their normalisation by society, cause psychological conflicts, serious discomfort, and segregation of women across the world.
We asked her to share one of her pieces for our 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, and she sent us a photo of this beautiful mural:


It reads “Your size is beautiful. Your weight is ideal.” [original text in Portuguese]

She told us she wanted to represent women with different bodies, all beautiful in their diversity, but also to tell women and girls that they need not fit into a particular ideal of beauty or stereotype.

To see more of her powerful work, check this gallery on her website. She is also on Facebook and Instagram.
Marina Lourenço-Yılmaz is the founder and editor-in-chief of Human Rights & Democracy blog.